Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Wear sunscreen

This morning I walked for a couple of kilometres into Vegas, partly to see the place and stretch my legs, and mostly to go to Barnes and Noble to look for books that are either expensive or unobtainable in South Africa. If I'd known
  1. How far it was
  2. How hot it was outside (it's apparently 40 degrees right now)
  3. How small the B&N was, especially the SF section
I don't think I would have bothered. In the end I didn't buy any books, although I did buy a DVI cable from the Best Buy next door. But I do have some photos, which I'll paste in here just as soon as I figure out how MacOS works, which I'm using because the WiFi driver seems to handle weak signals better than the Linux one. Actually iPhoto looks pretty nice.

Ok, here's the lobby. It has this amazing mini-rainforest in a dome, and then on the left you can see bits of the casino, which completely ruins the effect.

And here's the hotel from the outside:
There was also an amusing moment at the Subway yesterday, apart from it being in a casino. I order a small drink and start trying to put Pepsi in it, but only fizzy water comes out. The guy says to use the other dispenser machine, and also gives me a new cup that isn't half-full of fizzy water. But since he's already feeling bad for accidentally putting mayo on my sub, he replaces my normal-sized cup with a bucket, or at least that's what it looked like. So, I've got a nice, fresh, healthy low-fat sub (apart from the unwanted mayo)... and a bucket-full of sugary crap. And people wonder why America has an obesity problem.

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