Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Upset in first semi

Most of the readers probably don't know the structure of the algorithm contest at the final. The 48 contestants are split into 3 semifinals with 16 competitors each. The top 2 from each semi advance to the final. There is also a wildcard round, with positions 3-6 from each of the semis, and the top 2 from there also advance to the final.

The first semi was this morning. ACRush, the top seed remaining in the tournament (after Petr, who is miles ahead of everybody else, made a mistake in the last online round), has been knocked out completely. That leaves tomek as the most likely favourite; he will be competing this afternoon. I'm on tomorrow, so fortunately I don't have to go up against him, although there are plenty of scary people in my semifinal. Wish me luck!

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