Monday, September 22, 2008

The South African who went up a hill and came down... a hill?

So, Sunday was see-Montreal day with Neil. A friend of his loaned us his bike, so we were able to cycle around town. Montreal has some great cycle lanes - unlike Cambridge, where it's usually just a demarkated cycle lane, these are actually separate to the road, blocked off by a concrete ridge so that motorists can't park in the cycle lane or cut you off or anything (and you don't have to share it with pedestrians either).

Montreal is named after the local "mountain", Mont Royal. which Wikipedia tells me stands at a whopping 233m above sea level. It's covered in trees and has a very pleasant gravel road that winds its way gently up, which we spent some time going up (on our bicycles), and of course going down. I'll post some pictures when I get the motivation to get them off my camera.

Today until Friday is basically meetings, so I won't have much more to post for a while.

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