Monday, July 07, 2008

I came, I saw, I got rained on

The good news: I spent a week in Cape Town and saw some people I hadn't seen for months (unfortunately not as many I would have liked). The bad news: it's rained almost the entire time, and I barely saw the sun. Everyone accuses me of bringing the bad weather with me, but actually it was a glorious few days in Cambridge just before I left. Worse news: it looks like I will, however, be bringing bad weather back with me.

No pictures, unfortunately - there wasn't much picturesque, what with being inside out of the rain the whole time.

In other news, Terminal 5 is pretty much as I expected: well planned out in terms of being quick and pleasant to check in and minimal hassle at security (apart from the first metal detector I've been through that considered my wrist-watch a threat to world safety), but shops aimed more at the jetsetter than a low-budget geek like me.

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Unknown said...

Yes, you really hit the worst possible weather. And it's not getting any better soon here.