Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Down and out

Semifinal: I wasted lots of time on a 950 (means that it should be easier than the usual 1000, but wasn't), and didn't have quite enough time to discover the bug in my 550, and as a result went into the wildcard instead of advancing directly.

In the wildcard, I got shafted by another poker problem, which took me ages just to understand and longer to debug, and I went in with the wrong structures for the 1000, so I'm out of that too.

Las Vegas is the same as last year: gawdy and not much to do unless you're a gambling addict, and I'm stuck here for two days after the TC stuff ends. As you can guess, I'm not in the best mood at the moment. The single cloud on the horizon is that I'm spending a lot of what's going to be left of my prize money on going to see Spamalot on Friday.

1 comment:

Timothy Allen said...

Sorry to hear it!

On the other hand, I would describe Spamalot as a silver lining rather than a cloud! ;-)