Thursday, November 01, 2007

You win some, you lose some

And, today I lost. The round was just a disaster for me. The hard problem (normally 1000) was worth 900, which sucked me into thinking it would be an easy problem. In the end, my approach was not sophisticated enough, and I had to abandon it. That left me without enough time to work on the medium. I was a few minutes away from putting the finishing touches on by the end.

So, the TCCC07 is basically over for me. But as somebody pointed out, that also means I can relax and enjoy the rest of it instead of stressing.

So far I haven't felt motivated to take any pictures. When I've been outside there hasn't really been time, and the contest area looks basically the same as every other time.


Unknown said...

Ahh well... Reading your previous blog post, the whole thing seemed destined for failure from the very beginning. Did you at least get your luggage at the other end?

Graham Poulter said...

So far... commiserations. I hope you can make it a fun trip in any case. Yikes, SAA is really getting to be a problem.

carl said...

Dude, that is truly a bummer. You were a shoe-in for the grand prize!!!

I reckon you do things the American way -- sue SAA for your lost income :-P

Unknown said...

I was watching the updates by Mohamed during the match. Such a pity, since you got the easy in real quick! The medium+hard seemed rather nasty though, which shows in the results with no-one getting all three.

Well, enjoy Disneyworld...if that's possible (the Tokyo one was rubbish).