Sunday, November 16, 2008

Code Jam (like raspberry jam, but better)

Normally I blog about my trips while I'm on them (to kill time in airports), but this one was so short I didn't even both taking a laptop. In fact, I didn't even bother taking checked baggage, instead fitting everything for two days into a backpack. That sounds reasonably enough until you realise that it includes a keyboard and sufficient warm weather gear to stand around waiting for a bus in Cambridge. On the way back I think the backpack was about 99% of its theoretical maximum capacity.

The Code Jam itself is a contest run by Google. I've been to a previous one that ran on the TopCoder engine, but this time they've made a new format which really suits me. It's a lot less time-pressured than TC, and also more forgiving of mistakes. Having won my regional and finished in the top 3 in every round, I thought my chances were pretty good, but unfortunately I panicked near the end (partially because I forgot the contest started late and so I had more time than I thought), and so ended up third. Nevertheless I'm fairly happy since I didn't screw anything else up.

Pictures to follow - unfortunately not many or very exciting, since I didn't take my camera to the Googleplex on the assumption that they wouldn't allow photography (and indeed they didn't allow it inside the buildings).


alapan said...

Congrats! Is there another round as a grand finale?

Unknown said...

Nice one! And at the Microsoft campus we *do* allow photography ;-)