Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Sitting around

Well, today was not terribly exciting. I collected my bicycle this morning (yes I did actually do some exercise, don't get a heart attack). Hopefully it hasn't been stolen yet: the guy at the bike shop seemed to indicate that they'd steal pretty much any part of your bike that wasn't locked to something, including your lights and your pump. Makes my feel like I never left home :-)

Other than that, I'm just waiting to get the lease to sign (was supposed to be last night, now supposedly tonight). I also looked at broadband options today, and if you thought this could be confusing in South Africa, you haven't seen anything. I'm planning on going with Virgin (they do cable, which I've heard from two different people is better than ADSL). They have options for TV (depending on how many channels you want), internet (speed), phone (free calls), and an option to get free minutes on Virgin mobile. However, ONLY
the phone options can be taken on their own. Everything else is either "costs X when you also have Y" or is part of a bundle. And you can't combine bundles. So you can get low-grade TV free with the phone line, or broadband for £4.50 with the phone line, but not both. And you can't have both low-grade TV and the phone line.

Once I've signed the lease I can start looking into things like insurance, and actually ordering the broadband, and planning what to ship, join the library, etc etc.

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