Friday, January 25, 2008


Good news. I've signed the lease, and I've organised insurance, which surprisingly isn't really cheaper than in South Africa (for household insurance at least). That might be because its covers more though - it seems they assume you have at least £10,000 worth on stuff, and there are various things they cover like legal fees. They didn't include a nude lady though.

The bad news is that the bank is causing me grief. They didn't send a debit card (which is also an ATM card), so the only way I can get money out is through electronic transfers. First they said it was in the process of being issued (almost a month after I'd opened the account?), now they say they don't have the application form from me. So I've had to go and fill in the form, and it'll take another week before I get it.

Next week I'm moving in, and I'll need to organise broadband. That's probably the last thing that I'm really stressed about, especially since it's a 1 year contract so if I make the wrong choices I'm rather stuck with it. It also means that from Tuesday you might find me slow on replying to emails if I don't get it set up right away.

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