Friday, June 29, 2007

I see blue people

First up: the wildcard round. tomek failed 2 of the 3 problems, but was fast enough on the remaining one (the medium) to take second place and advance to the final. That is going to significantly increase the level of competition.

The Blue Man Group was more or less as I expected, i.e., a heck of a lot better than the Tournament of Kings. Some amazing visual comedy and mime (not something I'd usually see, but which I really enjoyed), some music, mainly drumming (looked skilled but didn't excite me), and some just plain weird stuff (some of it pretty amusing). At one point they had TV screens suspended from the roof in front of each guy's face, with the face on the TV screen. There was amazing synchronisation: one guy would squirt some shaving cream onto another's face (with the cream appearing on his TV-screen face). Then he changed the third TV to an advert for the razor, plucked the razor out of the add (with the hand on the TV screen perfectly synched with his real arm), and proceeded to shave the second guy. Oh, and actually only two of them were on stage at this point - the third guy was just the head on the TV. Sorry, no photos allowed, but I do have some other random pictures I'll post later.

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