Sunday, June 24, 2007

How the other half live

I'm posting on my blog, which means it must be time for me to go gallivanting again. This time it is time for the TopCoder Open 2007, to be held in Las Vegas, Nevada. Not only do TopCoder fly everyone out, they are also putting us up and holding the contest in the Mirage! If you're going to follow the contest, I'm in Semifinal room 3 (on Thursday), and the final is on Friday.

This time I have new perks. I've now done so much flying with SAA and partners that I've been upgraded to Silver class, which gets me into the business class lounge even though I'm flying economy. I'm sitting in the lounge in Cape Town now. I think I'll go and get myself a cup of tea, while I can still get it made right (see my previous posts for rants about how Americans can't make a cup of tea to save their lives).

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