Sunday, July 30, 2006

It's BEEG, very BEEG

So, I'm now at SIGGRAPH. It's just ridiculuously huge, especially compared to the large conference I went to (AFRIGRAPH - about 50 people). I stood in queues for about 2 hours to register. To add insult to injury, contributers have a special, shorter queue, which however takes about twice as long. There seem to be about 5 different things going on at any given time, all of them very cool. Today however it's just courses; I'm doing one on discrete differential geometry, which is making my head spin (particularly given that I never actually took a vector calculus course, and have picked it up as I went along).

The conference venue seems to follow the usual overkill approach to air-conditioning: it's boiling outside, so they make it freezing inside so that it is impossible to dress for both environments.

Erm, that seems to be the sum total of thoughts bouncing around my brain for now.

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