Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Don't let it snow...

... I want my flight to leave on time. So yes, life has been exciting, since yesterday England suffered about 10cm of snow, which apparently is the most in almost 20 years. So needless to say, they're totally unequipped for it, and large parts of the transport network including Heathrow ground to a halt. Fortunately, today had no snow that I've noticed and bright (if anemic) sunshine, so it looks like I'll be catching my flight in spite of the 3.5-hour journey from my house to Heathrow (normally it would be around 2.5).

This seems like it's going to be the things-falling-apart trip. Apart from the transport system, I opened my suitcase up to put my warm things in it just before checkin, and when I came to lock it up again I found that my lock had turned into a collection of bits on the floor. All very educational, but not much fun right before flying into Joburg airport which is notorious for baggage theft. So, any luggage thieves reading this: there is nothing valuable in my luggage. I promise. Don't bother.

Then after that, my watch started falling apart as I was checking in. Fortunately the pin didn't fall out and I was able to stick it back together.

Let's hope nothing else falls apart, like the plane, or my presentation on Friday.

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