Monday, June 09, 2008

It burns us!

Wow, time flys. Then again, so does a banana, if you throw it hard enough.

So, things have been happening. I've been to two formal halls in Cambridge. One was quite large and had a high table way up at the front where they muttered some Latin at each end of the meal. The other was crazy-small - just our group of about seven plus about three others, and none of the ceremonial stuff.

Yesterday the weather turned out beautiful. One thing about the English weather is that being generally crummy, you really appreciate it when it's nice. We went punting for about 5 hours, had a picnic on the punt (wasn't anywhere that nice to get out at the time), and I managed to get sunburnt.


Unknown said...

How come you are going to university stuff? You're not doing ANOTHER phd are you? ;-)

alapan said...

Or did you get a second job as a lecturer?