Sunday, March 30, 2008

Junk to the left of me, junk to the right of me

and everywhere there was junk. By which, of course, I mean that my shipping arrived, and now I need to figure out where it is all going to go, and I can barely move for all the stuff lying around in piles.

Apart from all the stuff I shipped over that is probably going to go straight under the bed or into the cupboard under the stairs, there is of course some useful stuff. Strangely, it's the little things that I've been missing the most, like having a bed-side lamp so that I can read in bed and then just turn it off without having to get out of bed again.

This weekend I also had my cousin visiting from the USA. Yesterday was typical English weather, grey and cold and windy and dreary and depressing, but today was just perfect. I was walking around in just my tracksuit (which as you may know, is also about what I wear in Cape Town in summer), and very little wind. We just wandered around town looking at things and had lunch at a nice Italian place right on the Cam.

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