Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Going nowhere really ****ing fast

So, SAA did not, in fact, manage to take me to Washington yesterday. This is in spite of assurances that
  • the plane from Cape Town would leave at 3 (the TV screens), or at 3:15 (announcement), or at 3:30 (what another passenger was told when asked), it in fact left at 4:15.
  • the outgoing plane to Washington would be delayed and we'd have time to get on it.
So, I'm well cheesed off. I spent the night in Johannesburg, and to make things more fun, the flight to Washington was held just long enough for them to rush my luggage on board. So I'm wearing mostly the same clothes as yesterday and until whenever I succeed in meeting my luggage, while my luggage is going round and round a carousel in Washington, or possibly it's in the baggage enquires office, or possibly it's been blown up as unattended baggage (hopefully not). Of course, nobody tells me any of this when I go to the transfers desk. It's back and forth, out through passport control and customs, over to domestic, back to international, upstairs, downstairs, back into international baggage hall, find this out, then back through customs again.

Hopefully the next post will be a little more positive and from a little further away...

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